Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Hello from Ichiro again! Sorry for not posting so long time!

I am very sorry I couldn't post so long time. I had been very busy and couldn't take enough time to write blog. To post frequently I get to know that I must decrease the sleeping time more. But when I have time, I will post some photos here constantly.

This lady is one of our friends 'Harada san', a vintage kimono seller. If you go to shrine auction in Kyoto, you can find her. She is funny lady like this photo, and she must offer you big discount if you say you are a friend of Ichiro!

Thank you very much for Kay and Rick san! Baseball player Ichiro's figure come from Alaska! Thank you very much for wonderful present! I love your chocolate and this figure, and enjoy seeing him on my desk!

One of auction in Kyoto is held at Higashiyama ( east mountain of Kyoto), near Kiyomizu temple.

On the way to the auction I found 'furin'(wind bells) were displayed and sold infront of old store.

There are many kinds of material for fuurin, and this is made of glass, and one of very traditional one. Its sound is very pure and cute.

This auction is held with 'wan-buse' rule. 'Wan' means 'bowl', 'buse' means 'put on the floor'. Each wan ( metallic bowl) has bidder's name like this one,

And we writes the bidding price in it. After writing, we throw the wan to the auctioneer with the inside down. If we are the highest bidder, prices are opened, and told the winning prices.

Recently we got many valuable and rare items, and listed them on our site.
Have you enjoyed them?

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Yesterday I went out for a drink with old friends.

Yesterday I went ouf for a drink with old friends. These two men were the co-workers of a small restaurant when we were the students of university.

It was almost 4 years ago when we met together. My work dramatically have changed in these 3 years, but other things didn't change. Their children grow and now in the third grade of elementary school.
We drunk in Namba, where you may have seen in the film 'Black Rain'( 1989 ).
This is the famous and characteristic spot of Osaka - Doutonbori.

Drinking with old friends was very fun and comfortable.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Yesterday I went to Tanba auction, and go fishing!

Yesterday I went to Tanba, which locates in the west of Kyoto. It is in the very rural district, and there only are large 'tanbo'(rice paddy) and very low ( and very round shape mountains ).

The auction is not only for kimono, mainly for the antique goods.
Many tansu, china and other items were offered.
I am a newly attendant, so I couldn't take photos of the auction.

It was Sunday, and our office was closed, so I went fishing after the auction.
I went to Osaka Bay to fish BIG sea bass with lures.
An angler said to me that he always threw 100 times with no fish.

I was not so patient, so I ended at approx 50th throw. Only I fished was this!

Today we have listed many items, and they were already sold!
Of course it is way happier than big fishes!
Arigatou gozaimasu!

Saturday, June 04, 2005

I went to Kobe!

Yesterday I went to Kobe to attend an auction.
I went by car. I drove the highway road, which run along the shorelines.
I took some photos while driving! Highly risky!

The auction was held in the modern hall. The room is on the nineth floor, and I took photo from the window. Its section was recently bult on the sea, and called Rokko Island. So the everything are modern and look new.

Tomorrow is Sunday. I must attend an auction of antique goods in Tanba. It is in the rural district, and if I can have time after the auction, I wish I can go fishing in some valley near the house.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Four Seasons of Kyoto Scenery!

We love this vintage kimono!
It has fantastic scenery motif of Kyoto. And if you look closely, seasons changes from winter autumn to winter ( outside ), and spring to summer ( inside )!
Please enjoy its sophisticated yuzen work of olden times.

Today I will attend an auction in Kobe!

Thursday, June 02, 2005

It was very busy days for these three days!

I am very sorry but we couln't post for these three days.
It was tough and busy days. I went to a big auction in Kyoto 31th May, and next day I went to an auction in Osaka. I didn't have time except writing discription, select items, driving and sleeping! I slept in our office one night - it is not so bad. I used camping mat and sleeping bag, like camping in the wood of KIMONO! :-)

Auction in Kyoto was held in the middle of the town. I took some photos in the way to the auction ( I went by train this time.)

This is a Kamo river, which runs center of Kyoto city.

Someday we hope to live in the old house like this one.

I found a heron 'sagi', in the middle of the city.
In Japanese 'sagi' has one more meaning 'fraud'. So when the 'sagi' motif kimono is offered at an auction, always some one says ' This motif is Fujimura san!' ( No no, its only a sample! My mentor is not a fraudster!'

I found fantastic ranma in front of the antique shop.

In these two days, we got many valuable kimono. Includes rare supreme uchikake, ranru, noragi, vintage kimono, vintage haori and others.
We fortunately got an uchikake, which we have never had. It is contemporary one, and exceptionally beautiful and its value may be 3,000,000!
Now our staff is taking photos. Please don't miss tomorrow's listing!

Monday, May 30, 2005

Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.97

Dear Customers & Friends

*For the customers who use credit card for the payment---as we notifed in our e-mails, the future charge by credit card is going to be in yen basis only, in about 16 hours from now. Until then, if you submit the payment at the credit card settlement site sent from us, the charge is in dollar basis.
Thank you very much for your understanding. If you have any questions about this matter, please feel free to e-mail us.

Hello from Japan! This is Kimono Flea Market ICHIROYA's News Letter No.97.
These days it is very hot as if it is already in summer season. In the afternoon we only need to wear a T shirt to work. Before real summer comes, we need to have 'tsuyu'(rainy season), and we can enjoy the 'hotaru'(lightning bugs/firefly).
One of the most good motifs for kimono now must be the water plants and 'hotaru'.
By the way we Japanese are very proud of the boom of remaking Japanese horror movies ( for example 'The Ring') in the world. We read that Japanese horror movies have different taste of horrors compared to Western's horror movies - more quite, but more scared.
We don't know it is only in Japan, we enjoy scary stories especially in the summer. To get scared to be cold in hot night.

The most scared story I have heard was one I heard when I was a school boy. Our class went to a shrine in Mt. Koya for a summer camp school when I was 11 years old. Mt. Koya is one of the famous 'rei-zan'( mountain near the spiritual world), and many old shrines are built. In olden times, Mt. Koya was limited for men, and women were not allowed to be in. In a night we were gathered in a large room of shrine, and a teacher told us the story the below.

Once upon a time, it was a story when women was not allowed to climb the Mt. Koya. A women lived with her baby at the base of Mt. Koya. Her husband went for work, and they lived alone. One day her baby was suddenly taken ill, but near her home she couldn't get medicines. She was told that there was medicine in a house in the Mt. Koya. She couldn't look for anyone to help her, and she was prohibited to be in the mountain. Her baby was becoming worse, and she determined to climb the mountain herself even though it is against rule. She had her baby in her shoulder and climbed the mountain. She managed to reach the house. People there astonished to see her, but gave her the medicine. It was already dark, and they recommend her to stay over the night. But she was scared for she was not supposed to be here, and eager to climb down the mountain as soon as possible. She gave the medicine to her baby, and had the baby on her shoulder again, and departed the house.
Path was narrow and dark, and her baby cried. She hurried the long path.
She felt as if something drew her back, she didn't know why. She felt it might be the force of the god or ghost. She hurried with leaving behind the force. She sweat a lot, and baby's drool and her sweat wetted her neck. Baby stopped to cry, and she walked.
Near her house, the sun was up and she relieved to reach her house safely.
She wiped her neck and looked involuntarily.
Her hand became RED.
And she found that her baby's head was missing.
Red was the blood of her baby, and she had carried only her baby's body.

The teacher told this story before 'Kimodameshi'(test game of our courage). We had to walk down the dark road of Mt. Koya one by one. Besides the road at several points, teachers were waiting to threaten us, and we knew they were watching us also for the safety, but walking moutain road alone with the image of headless baby was very very scary experience, and I can remind the story and the road we walked vividly even now.

About kimono, sometimes we come across the motifs of ghost or skull bone. Men's kimono have them comparatively often compared to women's one. If we find them in vintage kimono, the price must be very high for its raritys. Once I have seen a beautiful ghost motif yuzen kimono offered at an auction, pirce was amazingly high.
Skull bones motif is called 'Nozarashi', which means ' bodies exposed('sarasu') in the field('no'). There are some folk or horror tales about Nozarashi, and it was seem to be popular motif at a term. Nozarashi was considered to be a symbol of the kind, which means the courage or preparedness. Nozarashi motif in the shoubou banten(firemen's jacket) is the very good sample of it.

Several days ago, I came across a vintage kurotomesode, which has bold Nozarashi motif. It is made of ro, summer sheer silk, and has classic 'ryozuma' ( mirror image design, which is the feature of kimono from pre WWII) pattern. It must be old, but I coudn't imagine why the owner had skull bone motif on her kurotomesode. As you know, kurotomesode is the most formal kimono for married women. If she wore it at wedding, how other attendants felt to see it? Why did she want skull bone at auspicious events? We still don't have the answer of it.

My mother says she often looks ghosts when she is in futon(bed). Seeing ghost is not special thing for her, and we hear some people say they see ghost often. Is it special situation in Japan? Or, all over the world are there some percentage of people who can see ghost usually?

I am in a office alone, and little bit become scared to remind some horror stories! I will go home now!

**We are listing some charming kasuri, katazome, Nagoya obi and fabrics in about 6 hours.
We hope you enjoy cheking our new arrivals.
Domo arigato gozaimasu